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Game Jewel Quest free download game Jewel Quest
Jewel Quest



Game Zuma free download game Zuma
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Monkey Mania
Monkey Mania

More and more kids are playing video and computer games In this section of game site you can find games for Kids. 

Where's My Water?

By Disney

(iPad, iPhone, Mac)

One of the Best child games!


“Game of the Year” — POCKET GAMER

Brain Training for Dummies


Boost your Brain power! Sharpen your intellect with fun, challenging, brain-building games that can help increase your reaction time and improve your memory. Play games to strengthen your brain power! Progress through multiple difficulty levels. Test for 6 skill sets: Math, Language, Spatial, Logic, Reflexes, and Memory.

Bubble Mania

It is game Bubble Mania. Game very ridiculous, but fascinating. Here drops of a paint it is necessary to fill amusing essences which move there - here. To explain in words it is difficult, but, having seen game, to you should like! After unpacking archive start the program of installation setup.exe. Enjoy!

CD Man

Game refers to as CD Man. If not I am mistaken, similar game referred to Pac Man earlier. Here on a game field it is necessary to eat all points then you pass to the following level. Spiders, sharks and other creations will prevent you. After eating the certain subjects (fire, a flickering circle) already you can hunt on these creations, but only the certain period of time.

Charm Rocks

The game field in "Charm Rocks" consists of squares. Each square is occupied by a stone plate, closing an entrance to the underground shadow kingdom. At the beginning of the game there are charm rocks laying on the plates in the side rows of the game field. The charm rocks have great magic power. The Good Force needs them to struggle against the Evil, and the Underground King seeks them to get the weapon to struggle against the Good Force. You are fighting at the side of the Good Force in this game

Color Magic

If you have played Lines or Balls by Gamos, there isn't going to be any problem in understanding. You play the game on a triangular field, consisting of hexagonal cells, in other words, a "honeycomb". The number of cells in the lowest row depends on the Level of difficulty and can be either 10 or 11. Each of the cells, except for those on the field edge, has 6 neighbors.

Digger for Windows

You start out with a digging machine and burrow your way to the diamonds. Having collected every piece you meet on your way to proceed to the next level.


Very quite good and interesting game. Here you should carry out the pipeline, substituting its separate fragments to each other from a fragment with an inscription "start" to a fragment with an inscription "finish", and it is necessary through fragments "way". On start a bit later there will be a water and you should to have time substitute fragments before it will be poured out outside. Those fragments of the pipeline which do not approach you is possible to put on any sites of a game field. I advise to try - game entertaining, and to children should it is pleasant!

Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland

(Free Trial version

This time the penguin family is taking a trip to the multi-colored wonderland. Discover a new collection of mosaic puzzles with up to six colors! This innovation opens up a whole new dimension of challenge and it will bring hours of entertainment! Uncover hidden multi-color images and build a beautiful landscape.

Fantasy Mosaics 17: New Palette

(Free Trial version(

A mysterious lady penguin from an alien planet introduces the penguin family to a new palette of colors!Explore the alien world and build a beautiful landscape. Follow the logic of numbers to uncover a new gallery of pixel art images!

Gene Rally

GeneRally is a racing game for one to six players. You'll be racing on various tracks in time trial mode or against human and/or computer opponents in championship mode.


Just when you thought you knew EVERYTHING about Glider for Windows...
Included here is some additional information that should make your flights a little smoother and more interesting, as well as introducing you to some of Glider's newest features.

Hidden Clues: New York

(Free Trial version)

New York is in need for daring detectives! Gangs of New York are unleashing a wave of violence into all corners of the town, terrorizing its inhabitants. Their territorial disputes between Night Wolves, Wild Shamrock, Black Steel and Bloody Bones are increasing the body count and putting pressure onto the police department.With fear of retaliation no witness is willing to collaborate, forcing the detectives to focus on evidence analysis. In the meantime, a team of expert detectives arrive in NY to aid...

Magnetic crane

Magnetic Crane is a fascinating game for all ages. Operating it you have to solve some simple tasks.

Micro deluxe

And it is very amusing game. She will be very useful to children, but also adults with the great pleasure can play in her. You will operate a ball to which needs to prepare all balls (to make one color) on a game field to place and develop mirrors and to include the laser so that a beam has passed through the greatest quantity of balls. Mirrors it is possible to push or develop (a key a blank), having come nearer to them closely. Color of balls varies special switches (blank). The laser gun is included by a key "F". It is difficult to describe all of charm of this game - try!

Odell Down Under

This is a cool game where you are a fish that is trying to survive in the great barrier reef. Choose from a wide variety of scenarios and levels of difficulty. This game is actually rather well done, because it covers such a wide variety of fish and gives you the opportunity to compete in survival with a diverse group of fish and plant life. Enjoy this and watch for more from Syndrome! 

Sir Addalot

Welcome to Sir AddaLot's "Mini" Math Adventure. This is an exciting and educational math game for kids 6 to 12 years old. Get ready for adventure, terrific graphics, and fun learning in this action packed game.


Game Swat, probably, for those who wants to remove irritation, or for those who likes to compete in games on glasses. And so you have such opportunity. In game it is necessary to press a hammer of insects - the more, the better. Movements of a hammer cope a mousy, and impact - pressing of a key. Speed of game and quantity of insects is adjusted. Game small and very amusing. Remove a pressure and irritation in her, instead of on close and familiar!

Tom and Jerry

From the makers of Rollerblade Racer. It is an arcade game based upon the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. It is a nintendo like horizontal movement game where you collect hearts and all that,  just like all those nintendo games. Anyway, will put out docs for it І shortly. 


It is game Town, that is - city. In game you should engage in construction of city and to arrange city it is necessary so that any construction has not washed off the river, correctly to arrange buildings. Game rather unpretentious. In her children will play with the great pleasure.


Game Trubis is modified tetris, and not less fascinating game, than its progenitrix. Only essence of game in folding of the sites of the pipeline closed from different directions and as soon as you will close the pipeline or will close from different directions, it automatically will be gone, clearing a place. Slices of the pipeline, as well as in tetris, fall from above, and you should move and overturn them. Sometimes it is possible to wait falling bombs which destroy incorrectly put slices. Personally on me, after bothered tetris, game has made very quite good impression!


Many know game Viper. In it you operate a python devouring apples who thus is extended. It is impossible to collide with walls and with itself, differently it is necessary to start to let grow a tail from the beginning. Management is carried out from the keyboard. Game simple, but amusing and quite good!


The primary goal of each level is to guide Zeek to a mushroom. It is the favorite food of the Geeks, and Zeek must gather them for his family. Along the way, you will collect points for flowers that Zeek picks, for gates that he opens, for finding a treasure chest, and for matching up magic crystals. You will also collect bonus points for completing a level quickly. The faster you can get through the level, the more bonus points you collect. Thus, to maximize your score, you must move Zeek quickly to the mushroom, and collect the extra treasures along the way.

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Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland Luxor HD Cooking Dash 3: Thrills and Spills Collector's Edition Snackjack Flip Words 2

Are added:

Fantasy Mosaics 17: New Palette

Hidden Clues: New York

Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland

Brain Training for Dummies

Tom and Jerry


CD Man

Charm Rocks

Color Magic

Digger for Windows

Gene Rally

Bubble Mania

Micro Deluxe



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